Our Philosophy

Your meals aren’t just balanced … or delicious … or ready in minutes … They are all that at the same time!

Less sugar

Delicious, naturally

A maximum of freshness

Grown and prepared near you

Full of nutrients

Really nourishing


“Personal trainer by training, I have noticed in the course of my experience that it is not easy to combine healthy food and active life.

Having been involved in catering from a young age, with a family in the field, I naturally decided to create Alpha Food, a company based in Libramont, offering balanced meals on its menu, combining organic and local foods, and thus make healthy food more accessible. “


“Being addicted to learning, I continued my studies as a pharmacy assistant with Medical Biology, to finally find my passion: to learn the functioning of the human body and how to take care of its health to avoid falling ill and taking medications.

In addition to dietetics, I trained in various fields such as physiognutrition, nutrition and hormonal disorders, nutritherapy, and many others I also continue to train myself to always better support my patients in their life goal healthy. “

The magic that brings your meals to life.

Balanced portions

Each meal is perfectly proportioned with half of vegetables, a quarter of starches and a quarter of protein. Each dish therefore contains at least 250g of fresh vegetables.

Fresh ingredients

From the selection of ingredients used to our cooking techniques, we take care to preserve the nutrients naturally present in your dishes.

Local Producers

Transporting food from one end of the planet to the other poses several ecological and ethical problems. This is why our food comes mainly from regional producers.

Good Fats

Often demonized, they are the pillars of a balanced diet and have many virtues to keep you in good health.

Complex Carbohydrates

A significant source of energy that will reduce your hunger and provide you with energy throughout the day.

Quality Proteins

Vegetable or not, mainly from local producers selected for their responsible breeding / cultivation methods.

Ready to adopt a healthy and local diet with ease?