Peanut chicken


Calories Lipids
446 16.6 G
Carbohydrates Protein
21.1 G 46.4 G

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Peanut chicken

Net weight 470 g

nutritional values

Calories Protein Fibers
576 35 G 7.9 G
Carbohydrates Lipids Salt
39.9G 28.7 G 2.1 G
With sugar Of which saturated
10.2 G 14.6 G


Potato, tomato, broccoli, chicken (14%), coconut milk, onion, peanut puree (5%) , parsley peanut , ginger, paprika, turmeric, Himalayan pink salt, black pepper.


Contains nuts (may contain traces of gluten, mustard, fish or soy)


Store in a cool place, maximum 4 ° C


  • In the microwave: drill a few holes in the plastic film, and heat 2-3 min at maximum power,
  • In the pan: heat a drizzle of olive oil, place the contents of the tray in it, and stir occasionally. Add a dash of water if necessary